It's Your Day

It's Your Day

Your day. 

The whole day is in honor of your love. The beautiful music, the romantic room, the gathering of people. All the preparation, each leading up to these moments of becoming one. 

Breakfast, merriment, and the family buzzing.  The bridesmaids and maid of honor come to meet you, excited to leave together and begin the tradition of getting glamorous. 

You arrive at TB Studio, greeted by your hair and make up team with mimosas in hand. Music, coffee, and snacks for you and your maids. Your special chair awaits you in front of a mirror. Here we begin.

The team begins the transformation, sculpting you hair into the updo of your dreams. While your ladies are beginning their own pampering with the application of their make up. 

The room is happy giggles and light-hearted bantering. As each of you switch from hair to make up, the dream starts to become a reality. You breathe deeply; this day is flowing with such ease.

You've now changed into your dress and all your wedding party is complete, you take one last look in the mirror and glow with your reflection.

It's time to go, your artist gathers your belongings and assists you to your car. 

Thank you for allowing us to honor you and your maidens on your special day.  Congratulations!


Let Curvaceous put the Curve in your Curl

Let Curvaceous put the Curve in your Curl

One of the best days was when my client came in and I told her about my new products.  

She has the most extreme hair that I have had in a while, so I thought she would put it to the test. It is thick, coarse, colored and curly. She has a hard time with it, so the ponytail is the easiest way to go.  But now, she has a dry scalp from always putting it up in a ponytail with a ton of mousse and gel. When she wears it down, there's so much product in it that it causes crunches. 

So she said, "Sure try it out, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. A mane of hair not to be contained."

We got comfy and started her service. As the color processed we chatted then washed with Squeaky and conditioned with Nourish. Towel dried her hair, applied Curvaceous and combed it through. She went home and did her mommy duties and actually forgot about her hair.

Your product is awesome. I WANT IT!

When she remembered she went into the bathroom and looked at her hair. She was shocked! She thought it was going to be the same old-same old. She was beyond pleased, it had the look and feel of shiny soft curls. No frizz and no CRUNCH! She was so excited about it that she asked her husband to take a picture of the back of her head.

She texted me right away and said "I can't believe it! Your product is awesome. It's the first time in my life that a product actually worked! Let me know when you get it in, I WANT IT!"

That was the best day ever! To know that my friend/client was happy and it was all because of Curvaceous!

The creamy lotion that will moisturize and define any hair type. Hydrating Argon Oil produces shine and smoothness. Use it on fine hair to create volume. Fresh clean smelling, Paraben and gluten free.

Let Curvaceous put the Curve in your Curl.

Loving Lavé

Loving Lavé

I've been asked what made me decide to introduce my own line of products.  

Well, being in the beauty industry for so many years, I have come across many products.  Some began great while others just leave me disappointed.  Here in Florida we have crazy weather and insane humidity.  I could not find anything that could fight against it.  I also hated that I would have to tell my clients to change their shampoo for every chemical service.   Why would anyone want to have two to three shampoos for one head of hair?  I wanted one shampoo that could do everything.  Make your hair shiny, soft, easy to blow dry, flat iron safe and free from harmful chemicals.  

Well I found my answer; TB Elixir.  

The Lavè in particular is fantastic!  It was the answer I was looking for.  It is a hydrating gentle cleanser.  No detergent to damage and dry the hair.  It is infused with Argan oil, it adds moisture without weighing your hair down.  It's Sulfate free so you can use it if you have a keratin treatment in your hair. It's paraben free, gluten free and sodium chloride free.  What more could you ask for?  But the best part?  The light scent of creamsicle!  So it brings me back to those fun times when I was a kid - when my hair was healthy, bouncy and fresh.  

So now we can all go frizz-free in the humidity!

So now we can all go frizz-free in the humidity!